Tuesday, December 02, 2008

It's My Turn to be Brave

I’m writing this about someone special to me I met three years ago, who I know will never read this or even realise I’ve wrote this to her. But it’s come to a point that I’ll never get the chance to say the goodbye I’ve always wanted to make and if I don’t I’ll never really move on.

When I first met you I was a lost soul
I wasn’t sure of my future, didn’t know where to go.
When our eyes met for the first time, I was home.
Those feelings of mine aren’t easy to control.

I felt so happy for the first time in so many years.
I thought those feelings died and just disappear.
To know you felt the same way about me fill me with joy
It’s these moments that I’ll never destroy.

Your smile, your laugh, the way you talk still fills my mind.
When I hear you singing, words can’t describe.
You must be an angel and your kindness I’ll treasure.
And these memories will live in me forever.

Our time together was too short, just far too short.
Not enough to last a lifetime got noting to report.
I wanted a happy future or a chance at tomorrow.
I hold on to tomorrow, till it led me to sorrow

It upset me a lot to realise our time was almost up.
I gave you a present, in your presence, when our times stop.
Then a loving moment, that lasted forever, I believe.
When we left I knew you were truly happy.

I’m reminded of you in the many faces I meet.
I thought it was you, than just a stranger passing on a street.
I will never forget you for as long as I live.
Please don’t forget about me, though I think you did.

My life was on a crossroads then and it’s on a crossroads now.
As a friend I’m there for you, those feelings I’ll allow.
This is my goodbye, here is my life, I can’t be afraid.
At long last this is my turn to be brave.

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