Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Forgetful, Nervous and Proud

The following is three really short stories I wrote today in Writing 4 Performance which I thought I would share with everyone and tell me what you think.

In a moment of complete distress he is searching for something he lost but isn’t sure were he last put it. What the item was is still is a complete mystery to him. Was it the car keys that weren’t missing yesterday, or was it his spare pair of glasses as he is so forgetful as it wouldn’t surprise him if random items suddenly went missing.

The nerves was starting to increase to the point it was about to overtake and demand control of him. Inside he was the most joyful person in the world and is always the outgoing person who would recommend outings to different places and without too much trouble gander a crowd of people to go out with him. But at this moment he is the complete opposite to the person he is every single day. He was about to admit his feelings he kept to himself for many years since he was a teenager and knew this was the last chance, thinking it’s better late than never, than keep his secrets until the moment he is six feet under. It was time to face the music and admit to the woman facing her “I…”

Christine was a blonde hair beauty; in her eyes you can see the sparkle of the generations that come before her. She was full of confidence, very proud to be a member of the Baker family and was every bit of a Daddy’s girl. It was her first day being in charge of the family business, as her two brothers were sent away to gander the supplies for the next couple of months and her father simply wanted a day off. Since her mother pass away at the age of seven, she found it very hard as she was crying over a person she hardly knew. Her brothers’ long-term plans were to make their names overseas and she knew the business would be hers one day. So as she turned the closed sign to open in the shop window at about half nine that morning, she had a gut feeling this was going to be the first day of the rest of her life.