Sunday, December 14, 2008

Why blogs are easy and logs are tough

There are different types of writing and when you take the ‘B’ from the latter of these two it does mess with your mind. You fall into bad habits by not setting aside time each week to get something wrote down but like always you fit everything in within a few nights without much sleep to get the work finish in time.

So you ask what is the experience of going a few nights without much sleep like? Wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who couldn’t cope with it. You are focusing on the computer screen typing down the words, trying to make sure everything makes perfect sense and hope for the best that your hard work pays off. Even know the whole point of putting in all-nighters is that you didn’t put in the hard work by just writing everything down on the day it happened.

Writing down what you’re thinking in a blog is so easy for me. It’s a way of getting out the words you find so difficult to speak in person, with the feeling of regret you are only writing it down and never allowed yourself the chance to speak it in person. You could say your blog is like a safety net. That whatever may happen, whatever words maybe spoken, you will never be hurt by the outside world.

But then where’s the fun of living a life where there’s no trouble. You need to be a little bit hurt, whether it’s physically or mentally to know life is worth living. Got one more lifeline to make sure I can be perfect with my log writing in the new year as my blog writing is already there which I’m happy about.

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