Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Troubles with Housing in Belfast and Please Pray i get a room tomorrow

I never normally post a message on this thing or blog about my feelings but felt this was the right moment. It's been awhile since my last blog, since April really so this is a good time to catch up on The Life of Brian (Gotta love that awful pun which suits my name perfectly).

Well after a good part of the year travelling about the place in my gap-year (Derry, Dublin, Bangor, Barcelona and Rathdrum if you are curious where I went), I started to apply to drama schools and drama courses. With not much luck with Magee and drama schools in Scotland, Wales and London I apply to the HND Performing Arts in Belfast almost as a last chance at the acting life before I quit and did sometime else I wouldn't enjoy.

My thankfully putting my faith in God got my through the audition, treated it like it was my Swan Song (Again nice awful pun that suits my last name) and got in with an Unconditional Offer. Receive the same type of offer with Queens but decided to go with Belfast Met as in my view it’s the better course.

I guess with my grades i had nothing to worry about. But simply let the future not be decided by you and put faith in the Lord that what is meant to happen for you will happen is scary, as its the unknown but things always work out for the better this way and let again for me things came out okay.

And through bebo I found out who would be in my course, friends I’ve known from the ND Performing Arts course in Ballymoney and I’m really happy certain people at the audition got into the course too without naming names.

But my main problem and the point of this blog have been about student housing. Before i got onto the course, i apply to get a place through Shac but with trouble about a second reference when my first was perfectly okay and after spending alot on weekly train tickets i shouldn't needed to buy, the room i was shown was down right awful and a joke for the price i was expected to pay in rent and bills for the shared housing.

I won't bore you with the details but trust me it was awful. I decided to look for rooms to rent and having trouble with finding a place and the three rooms I’ve seen I didn't got because they choose someone else over me which end of the day is there decision.

But on Monday i saw a couple more places for a room to let at Uni Avenue and Stranmills Gardens with the latter being just perfect. I find out tomorrow if i could get the place at Stranmills and hope its yes but will try elsewhere for housing if its the same answer yet again which i really hope it won't be.

So do Pray, even if you're not the praying kind that the student housing finally gets sorted tomorrow as early morning starts to get to classes isn't great. I've been getting up at 5.45am to get the ten to seven train to Belfast most days of the week for the last two months and really don't want to continue the train travel that much longer given the choice.

So have pity on me and wish me luck all goes well tomorrow when i find out the news and will let it be know, good or bad, what the outcome is.

Thank You for Reading and do Pray all goes well