Thursday, November 27, 2008

Now Fits Medium Size Clothing

This is good news. To try and cheer me up with the bad mood I’m having (it relates to my current status) I went to Primark and brought a nice new shirt for myself. About over two years ago, was 16 stone and now I’m about 14 and a half stone (wanting to be about 14 stone in a few months). I know it’s strange to talk about how it feels good you are losing weight by looking after your diet, walking long miles and simply eating when you are hungry.

So to go to XL down to L and from today I’m now an M size in clothes. It’s cheer me up to a degree with all the illness, worry and general public paranoia I always have wondering what certain people are thinking of me and wish they would just tell me.
I feel I really need to say something to someone that has taken along time to get the confidence to finally say it and nervous the words won’t come out right and the meaning behind the words won’t be heard and there will be no effect.

My past does haunt me in many ways that is too long to explain but I want my future to be bright and achieve what I’ve always wanted since I chose this path over eight years ago. I haven’t once regretted my decision because I’m passionate about drama.
So my story right now is it might be a brand new shirt but it’s the same old me with ghost from my past that will haunt me until the day there is no more problems.

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